Practice - Rain Shader

John behrens allobjects 3

How the shader looks on a different objects

John behrens plate 2

Displaying the shift from splatter to streaks, depending on the angle of the surface.

John behrens rainspeed 2

exposed parameters gives control, such as rain speed

John behrens rainrippletile 2

or density!
The there are similar parameters for the streaks, but the gif compression didn't allow me to show it off :(

John behrens node

I used Substance Designer to make a texture that had all the same qualities that DSB's had.

John behrens finaltexture

Final texture

John behrens finalr

R channel

John behrens finalg

G channel

John behrens finalb

B channel

John behrens finalnormal

and normal map!

John behrens uenode

And of course the monster of a node network in the material function for this effect.

Practice - Rain Shader

Had a go at making a rain shader /material function. This effect is applicable to any material - since it's built as a material function.
Huge shout out to DeepSpaceBanana Art, who's blog pretty much made this possible for me.

So much fun, and so many lessons learned. Especially with VFX/shader creation using Substance.
I probably want to re-visit this subject sometime in the future - feels like there's a more efficient way to achieve a similar result.