School - Geometry Splash Effect

John behrens splashsim3

A fliptank sim interacting with a rigid body 'rock' to create a splash that i can use.

John behrens sim2geo

The aditition done in the Fliptank_Fluid network created by the fliptank preset.
The adition creates geometry from the particle sim, deletes all geometry from non-moving particles and then cleans the mesh. Bringing it down from 55k points to about 2k.

John behrens splashgeo

The final resault of the mesh creation.

John behrens meshspin

What the mesh looks like with a little more cleainging. Not the most beatifull thing, i must admit.

John behrens meshspinmat

What it looks like with material.

John behrens splash

The animation that plays in game.

John behrens ingame3

Re-creation of what it looks like in game.

School - Geometry Splash Effect

A geometry-based effect i created for the projectile hits from our turret enemies in my second 3D game project at The Game Assembly.